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But before he was ever wounded, Bandon noticed that Allanon was preparing for death. Which leaves us left wondering: How long has Allanon known he was going to die and has he had time to get his arrangements in order? Either way he needs to be doing some explaining fast. In this episode though, Wil kept asking Mareth to trust him. Time will tell…. Although the Shannara visions are always extremely cryptic and disturbing, they can give us vital clues as to what is coming ahead.

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Allanon called the Sword of Shannara the only weapon that could defeat the Warlock Lord. But this week it broke in combat against Bandon — someone we have to assume is much less powerful than the Warlock Lord himself. How could that be? It seems unlikely that the sword would have multiple fake hiding places. And how could the sword be hidden from Allanon at all? Eretria fans might have found this week to be a little frustrating.

For every answer we got about her past, we also received new questions. Cogline explained that she is a half-human, half-demon hybrid. A special mix of the two that allowed her family to survive the apocalypse. But because of her demon connection, the Warlock Lord could have a very specific power over her. Speaking of Cogline… sometimes he comes off as one untrustworthy dude. How did they actually know each other? Also, him knowing how to catch a demon also seemed really odd. Then Eretria was able to manipulate the demon so easily and Cogline told her not to get overconfident… it all seemed very staged.

We should probably keep our eye on this one.

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At the end of this two part episode of The Shannara Chronicles , The Crimson certainly had the upperhand. Not only have they killed King Ander — sending Arborlon into complete chaos — the kingdom of Leah is in disarray as well. The episode ends before we see what happened to their forces, but even if they manage to escape the castle, the damage has been done. We want to hear your thoughts on this topic! Write a comment below or submit an article to Hypable.

Elven Chronicles

Not sure what to think of the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon? Watchmen season 1, episode 4 delves into the idea of legacy, introduces a fascinating new character, and launches clones into the atmosphere.

History or fandom may not remember that these flicks existed, but we totally do. Did you know Greedo got the last word before Han shot him? The brothers Lynch and what befell their family, played a major part in The Raven Cycle, but Maggie Stiefvater goes even deeper into their past and future in Call Down the Hawk.

Watch how the season comes together, the planning, the games, the craftiness practiced, all in the name of bringing the Elves together for the Celebration of Light. I have been writing books since before I became a teenager. Most are still hidden in the closet. I used to make up my own stories as a child, everyone used to act them out while we were playing outside.

As a teenager someone issued me a challenge. I told her that her stories stunk, she told me to do better. My job growing up was to play guardian to my little brother, keep him safe. That meant I ended up getting into more fights than enough — makes sense now that I write about warriors. He is a character alright; never met a cat who can talk back like he does. It was called survival. This book has been in the making for a long time now. Over a half a year to write it, about the same amount of time to edit it, and probably about the same amount of time to get the art work and website!

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