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Our demo recognizes speech from microphone. Requires Google Chrome. Press a button and say something. The result will be displayed on the right. We are happy to announce the availability of Mandarin Chinese support for Alpha Cephei. Try them here.

An Overview of Modern Speech Recognition

The auditory was very warm and welcoming and helped us a lot with precise and interesting questions. We were excited to announce VOSK system there and very thankful for the warm reception of the talk. The video will be available soon. AlphaCephei is happy to announce the next generation lifelong learning speech recognition system called VOSK. This system is based on audio indexing technology and enables new unique capabilities for speech recognition as well as human-like behavior. Find more details on Github. Build voice-enabled mobile applications working offline without internet connection, providing security, privacy and smooth fast response experience.

Make natural language orders to our new mates everywhere - at the office, at factory, on space station.

Signal Processing & Speech Technology in VoIP Communication

VOSK is an innovative, next generation open source speech recognition toolkit. It focuses on life-long semi-supervised learning with huge datasets. The idea is to apply audio fingerprinting approach to learn speech sounds as well as other non-speech sounds. We are also considering support for distributed multiparty learning as core feature of the toolkit. Omni-channel customer engagement. About Nuance.


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How do computers recognize speech?

Contact us. Solutions Solutions overview. A new type of IVR Consumers demand faster, simpler ways to engage with companies and resolve issues. Get it now. Conversational IVR case study portfolio Read how four organizations modernized their conversational IVRs to drive improved customer satisfaction and cost control.

Transform your IVR from a liability into a lifeline Discover how Nuance's Conversational IVR can help you reduce agent calls, improve call routing and increase customer satisfaction. Read the transcript.

In fact, IVR call volume is increasing. And it turns out those callers are irritated. And while you have invested in developing digital channels, the IVR has become more antiquated. Traditional IVRs are reliant on push button technology and complex menu mazes that confuse customers, instead of directing them toward answers.

Causing half of people to instantly press zero to talk to an agent, your most expensive asset. This not only further angers customers, who would rather solve issues on their own, but it also drives up costs to the business and annoys agents!

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To satisfy customers and lower costs. The answer is Conversational IVR.

An Overview of Modern Speech Recognition - Microsoft Research

Powered by Natural Language Understanding, customers can use their own words, and the technology can accurately capture their intent, predict why they are calling and address the matter at hand. Do away with complex menus. Conversational IVRs can seamlessly: authenticate and welcome customers, understand complex requests, and anticipate customer needs to complete business transactions and resolve customer issues faster, easier and with less effort. Reduce operational costs Call center executives need to reduce overall call center costs applications, infrastructure, people while still meeting customer expectations.

Lower TCO and maximize return on technology investments Businesses and executives make substantial investments in call center solutions and need to be sure they deliver the right ROI. Nuance customers that invest in our Conversational IVR platform can see the following benefits: Streamlined costs and investments with technology and support for multiple channels and existing systems Optimized interactive voice response IVR solutions offer insights and improvement over time—increasing efficiency and ROI Simplified operations and investments by growing with one market leader.

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Natural language based speech recognition Advanced speech recognition based on Nuance Recognizer and Natural Language Understanding allows callers to speak naturally in their own words and accurately captures intent—increasing self-service utilization and success. Intuitive call steering Call steering technologies get callers to the right place the first time—improving the use of the automated system and reducing the need for live agents. Personalized, proactive experience Match phone numbers with existing customer data to proactively identify callers and create a personalized experience that anticipates customer needs and proactively addresses issues—reducing time to completion and need for a live agent.

Analytics Advanced application performance reporting and analytics help you discover actionable insights to optimize the performance of your IVR—and meet your organizations KPIs. Predictive call handling Speed call resolution by using the Nuance Prediction Service to project caller intent and deliver personalized menus or route callers to the right destination faster.

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Get the Nuance Prediction Service data sheet. Stats People prefer improved IVR experiences.