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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Ingmar 17k 1 34 It is really hard to tell out of context and there are sometimes surprising meanings.

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For example, "Freundchen" can mean quite the opposite of " little friend" and is used when repremanding someone. This is hard to answer without context, sorry. It could be a relatively neutral term of endearment which then would be translated as my dear.


This could be used by random example an elderly shopkeeper towards his female customer without any amourous undertone. It can also mean my love , in the sense of soulmate. And probably everything inbetween. And to make it really complicated, It can be also a slightly ironic reprimand, especially if followed by the adressee's name. Grammar-wise, a male would be adressed as mein Lieber in all of these cases.

Or It could be a full-blown declaration of love, then Liebe would be an object, something like du bist meine Liebe. In this case it translates to my love without ambiguity. It would remain unchanged grammar-wise for male and female subjects as "Liebe" is female. And as both forms are identical if talking to you as a female, it really depends on context. In this case it does not only depends on context but also on tone. Isn't it used in a reprimand to soften it somewhat?

That is, you say, "I still like you, but this was not okay". China State Statistics Bureau. China population and employment statistics yearbook Beijing: China Statistics Press. Cummings, R. Valuing environmental goods: An assessment of the contingent valuation methodology.

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Desvousges, W. Measuring natural resource damages with contingent valuation: Tests of validity and reliability. Hausman Ed. Amsterdam: North Holland. Dziegielewska, D. Valuing air quality in Poland. Environmental and Resource Economics, 30 , — Edwards, S. Overlooked biases in contingent valuation surveys: some considerations. Land Economics, 63 2 , — Garrod, G. Economic valuation of the environment: Methods and case studies. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. A comparison of CVM survey response rates, protests and willingness-to-pay of native Americans and general population for fuels reduction policies.

Journal of Forest Economics, 13 , 49— Goodman, S. Considering conservation value in economic appraisal of coastal resources. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 41 , — Hadker, N. Willingness-to-pay for Borivli National Park: Evidence from a contingent valuation. Ecological Economics, 21 , — Halstead, J. Protest bidders in contingent valuation.


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Jackson, S. Discerning threats and opportunities. Administrative Science Quarterly, 33 , — Jorgensen, B. Protest responses in contingent valuation.

Environmental and Resource Economics, 14 , — Fairness in the contingent valuation of environmental goods: Attitude toward paying for environmental improvements at two levels of scope. Ecological Economics, 36 , — Kahneman, D. Valuing public goods: The purchase of moral satisfaction. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 22 , 57— Kenyon, W. The use of economic and participatory approaches to assess forest development: A case study in the Ettrick Valley.

Forest Policy and Economics, 3 , 69— Kinnear, P. SPSS for windows made simple release Kerans dismisses his demands but is able to manipulate Peng into the release of the Petty Officers; meanwhile, as talks progress he has the ship patched up and its engines restored.

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After some subtle alterations to the ship's outline to try to disguise her, Amethyst slips her cable and heads downriver in the dark following a local merchant ship, which Amethyst uses to show the way through the shoals and distract the PLA; when the shore batteries finally notice the frigate escaping downriver, the merchantman receives the brunt of the PLA artillery and catches fire, while Amethyst presses on at top speed. Encountering an obstruction in the river in the form of several sunken ships, and having no proper equipment for charting a safe course, Kerans uses both intuition and luck to slip through before then reaching the guns and searchlights of Woosung.

She also sends a signal to headquarters: "Have rejoined the fleet south of Woosung No major damage No casualties God save the King! John Kerans, by then promoted to commander, served as technical advisor during the production. During production live charges detonated and the Amethyst almost sank but Kerans managed to save the ship.

As Consort , down from Nanking, she wore the correct pennant number D76; as Concord , up from Shanghai, her pennant number was covered by Union flags. Teazer is depicted firing her guns broadside and turning at speed in the narrow confines of the Stour estuary as Consort attempts to get a towing line to Amethyst under heavy gunfire.

However Wilcox would be plagued with financial troubles for the rest of his career. The film was the 15th most popular movie at the British box office in Wilcox thought the film's box office performance was hurt by the fact that its general release came so long after the premiere and after release of The Battle of the River Plate In , when he wrote his memoirs, Wilcox said the film had yet to recover its production costs.

Distributors Corporation of America Distributors Corporation of America was an American film distribution company which distributed 60 films in the US between and Whilst berthed at Nanking , Consort suffered 49 casualties in after being attacked by the Chinese, she suffered further loss during the Yangtze Incident in an attempt to tow the sloop Amethyst from a mudbank, taking 56 direct hits, causing casualties of 23 wounded and a further ten dead.

Following decommissioning she was sold to the Prince of Wales Drydock Co, Wales, arriving there on 15 March for scrapping. Colledge, J. London : Chatham Publishing. ISBN OCLC After the Second World War she was modified and redesignated as a frigate , renumbered F During the Second World War, Amethyst was deployed on anti-submarine patrols and escort duties, she attacked and sank the U-boat U with depth charges on 20 February U had just sunk a Flower-class corvette ; the action took place in the North Atlantic , south of Waterford , resulted in the loss of all 49 of the U-boat's crew.