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It is a metal attitude that encourages confidence, growth, strength and success. People who expect better things often find that they have more pleasant experiences, whereas the reverse is true in that those who expect the worst often receive the worst. There are 11 tips for using the power of positive thinking to improve your life. Try to re-shape the words that you use in your general dialogues, whether this is internally or out load when talking with other people. Replace words that have negative connotations with those that convey a more positive impression.

Smile, even if you do not much feel like smiling. Smiling can act as a natural mood enhancer, as the very action triggers something in the brain.

The Power of Positive Thinking By Norman Vincent Peale

This will thus lead to you feeling happier and more positive. Be aware of how often you complain about things, especially things over which you have no control. Try to reduce the amount of complaining that you do, and acknowledge that there are things that you cannot change, accept them, and release them.

The Power Of Positive Thinking: 6 Ways To Attract Happiness

If you find that a common cause of complaint is something that you could change, then seek to improve the situation. Do something positive to remove the cause of complaint. Do not be overly critical of yourself. Constructive criticism is vital for growth but understand the difference between this and damaging criticism.

Do not blame yourself, or others, for mistakes. Accept that they happen, and find a way to move forward. Look for ways to learn from your mistakes and grow. Be content with what you have, rather than constantly striving to have more. Take stock of the good things in your life and do not focus of that which you perceive to be lacking.

Do not just focus on material possessions, but look at your relationships, your health and nature.

How Do You Train Your Mind to Think Positive?

Try not to be jealous of other people. Affirmations can help you to think more positively. By repeatedly telling yourself good things, you will begin to believe them. Say your affirmations out loud, think them in your mind, write them on post-it notes and stick them in prominent positions around your home where you will keep noticing them. This does not necessarily mean that you must agree with their views, but at least understand why somebody holds a different view to you and agree to disagree. This can reduce arguments and conflicts, which can lead to a more harmonious existence.

Attitudes, thoughts and belief can take some time to change, but with perseverance and dedication it is possible. If you feel yourself doubting and slipping back into a general negative mind-set, remember that positive thinking is a no lose situation, which will benefit you emotionally, mentally and possibly physically in the longer term. Try to block out words from those who are discouraging — remember the saying that misery likes company.

Miserable and discontented people, whether or not they consciously realize it, seek out the company of others who feel the same; they generally do not like to be surrounded by positive people. If a negative thought enters your mind, take notice of it, then try to replace it with a more positive thought. Perhaps think of a positive outcome that can arise from some seemingly negative events, or try to find a practical solution to a problem. Practice makes it easier to ignore negative thoughts and feelings. A positive attitude does not necessarily change a set of circumstances, but it does change the impact that these circumstances have on a person and the way that they are able to react to, and cope with, them.

Meditation can help you to focus your mind in the present moment, making a positive attitude easier to attain. There are no thoughts about the past, no worries about the future, just a peaceful, calm feeling of the present. Let go of the past. Accept that was has gone before cannot be altered, and that you must focus on the here and now. You must be logged in to post a comment Login. About Contact. By Operation-Meditation. Tweet Pin It. Instant Deep Meditation.

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Can You Boost Your Bright Side?

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The Power of Positive Thinking: 10 Traits for Maximum Results

Challenge Your Self Talk. Be Kind to Yourself. Keep a Self Talk Diary. Daily Practices Introduction. Gratitude Diary. Give Yourself Kudos. Focus on Enjoyable Moments. Adjust Your Behaviours Introduction.

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